Fort Worth Untapped Fest Re-Cap (W/ Photo Gallery)


Let’s face it, there is only one thing that can drag the ladies of Bitch Beer anywhere on the I35 corridor north of the Round Rock IKEA–and that’s craft beer.

So naturally, this past Saturday we found ourselves following the promise of our favorite libation up to Fort Worth for the Untapped Beer and Indie Music Festival.

It was a festival marked by pleasant tunes, idyllic weather and some really tremendous beer. Offerings ranged from whales like Founders KBS, Alaskan Smoked Porter and Firestone Walker Parabola, to Dallas mainstays like Lakewood Temptress, Peticolas Velvet Hammer and Revolver Blood and Honey.

With a music lineup that included Justin Townes Earl, Tennis, Sarah Jaffe and Deer Tick, there were definitely a lot of people there for the music, but it still felt more like a beer festival at heart, perhaps even more so than last year’s Dallas Untapped which boasted a more popular indie lineup.

Lines moved fast and beers blew periodically throughout the day, with, as expected, some of the bigger, rarer beers blowing during the hour and a half VIP session at the start of the festival. (Here’s lookin’ at you KBS.) From what we saw, the first tent to totally run out of beer was Dogfish Head, where a consistent line obliterated their kegs of Bitches Brew, Positive Contact and Namaste. However, with 67 breweries tented up to pour samples of more than 200 beers, there was definitely no shortage of samples to be had.

Some of our favorite brews of the festival included:

Firestone Walker Parabola: Known for having a perfect 100 on both Beer Advocate and Rate Beer, Parabola lives up to the hype. It was our first beer of the festival, and it certainly set the stage for a day of quality.

Green Flash Silva Stout: Chocolate, vanilla, bourbon…all the best things in life come together in the flavors of this boozy beauty.

Avery Odio Equum: This barrel aged sour from Avery was so good that we actually picked up a bottle immediately upon returning to Austin. SEEK IT OUT, you won’t be disappointed.

(512) Cabernet Barrel Aged Tripel: Clocking in at 9.3% alcohol, this gem from (512) is definitely something to blog home about.

Alaskan Smoked Porter (2004): We had a chance to try some 2004 Smoked Porter at the Big Texas Beer Festival earlier this month, so we knew we’d be lining up for more at Untapped. Big surprise, after 9 years of aging, the perfection didn’t fall off after another two weeks.

Check out our photo gallery below to relive all the Untapped fun.

-Caroline (words)
-Holly (photos)

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