Real Ale Brewing Company Celebrates 17 Years (W/ Photo Gallery)

RealAleThis month marks Real Ale Brewing Company‘s 17th anniversary, and like all good 17 year olds, they know how to throw one helluva party. Held on one of the most beautiful days of spring so far, Real Ale’s anniversary party was full of good brews, good eats and an abundance of adorable dogs.

One of the beer highlights of the day was, of course, Real Ale’s 17th Anniversary Ale, a Belgian strong ale clocking in at an impressive 14%. With such an inviting aroma and great drinkability, you could definitely go through three or four…or seven before it hits you (or you hit the floor) just how strong it really is.

Real Ale also brought out the big guns with casks of everything from their Coffee Porter and Sisyphys to their Imperial Red and Four Squared as well as releases from their Mysterium Verum series. Tours of the brewery were held throughout the day, and sweet Real Ale swag like a neon Firemans #4 sign and a Real Ale skateboard were raffled off to a few lucky bastards winners. And of course, no beer party out in the country is complete without a long bathroom line and those who say “Fuck it, I’m pissing in the woods,” which, let’s be honest, is a favorite past time of Bitch Beer.

Check out our photo gallery below to relive all the beer-filled fun had out in Blanco!


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