Beer of the Week: The One They Call Zoe

theonetheycallzoeSince being released, The One They Call Zoe by Hops & Grain has become a favorite of some of our writers. Named after Josh Hare’s Papillon, Zoe, The One They Call Zoe brings a lot to the table. It’s a pale lager that a couple of us have described as “super drinkable” and is a great beer to have with a meal.

I’d also recommend that if you have any friends who drink Budweiser or any of those other pale lagers that taste like dirt to introduce them to Zoe. She’s super friendly, delicious and approachable to novice beer drinkers (and even experienced beer drinkers).

The Specs (from Hops & Grain’s own website)

  • 100% Weyermann malt consisting of pilsner, pale and caramunich
  • Dry-hopped with New Zealand hops
  • 5.1% ABV

I have a feeling that The One They Call Zoe will have a permanent place in our fridge for the upcoming Austin summer. Zoe is incredibly smooth, refreshing and a perfect addition to Hops & Grain’s repertoire.


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