Next Beer Diaries premiere features 512, Rogness, Independence

Fire up your keyboards, flex that ol’ muscle in your mouse-clicking pointer finger, and proceed to immediately after you finish reading this story, because after three sold out screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse, the Beer Diaries has announced another round of episode premieres for Wednesday, April 10 at the Alamo Village.

The Beer Diaries is a web series hosted by craft beer enthusiast/ impressively bearded Canadian Greg Zeschuk. Each episode in the series features an in-depth, entertaining look at a local brewery. Wednesday’s episodes are– 512 Brewing, Rogness Brewing and Independence Brewing. After the screening, the brewers will join Zeschuk & co. for a Q&A. Tickets are $15 and include a three beer flight comprised of an offering from each of the featured breweries. If you aren’t familiar with The Beer Diaries, we definitely recommend checking out one (or better yet, all) of the nine episodes that have already been released. A couple of our favorites are included below:


Real Ale

Jester King

Hops & Grain

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