Drink and Ride with Pedal Pub

Let’s start off by saying that this post in no way promotes drinking and driving, but is in fact about drinking and pedaling, which is much slower and arguably cooler.

New from Hammacher Schlemmer this spring, the Pedal Pub allows up to 17 people to drink together in style while reliving their childhood days of bike riding.

Each side has five seats with pedals, as well as room for a bartender and wheel-man, plus five lazy people on the bench in back.

The combined power of 10 people pedaling allows the pub to travel at about five miles per hour, so there’s no need to worry about crashing it, but keep in mind that the car itself weighs well over 2,000 lbs. so you might want to watch where you’re steering.


I haven’t been able to think of a practical use for the Pedal Pub just yet. Maybe it could be used for slow tours? Perhaps it’s just enough exercise to justify some high calorie brews? I think I’ll just classify it as the love child of swan paddle boats and drinking outside on Bourbon Street.

You can read about the pedal pub in full detail here*.

Currently, the Pedal Pub is going for about $40,000, but it’s a full $5,000 less that the professional microbrewery that HS also sells, so it’s practically a bargain!


*Full Disclosure: Acaplace.com, the blog where this story was found is run by my Dad, Bill Cawthon, proving that good taste in cars and beer is genetic.

2 Comments on Drink and Ride with Pedal Pub

  1. It’s too much effort for lazy people (i.e. me), but there’s a local company that will let you drink, pedal and roll, http://www.pubcrawlerofaustin.com/, if you’d like to try one out.

  2. The Pedal Pubs we have seen in our neighborhoods (and have heard from other cities) are usually filled with obnoxious assholes who have problems with littering, tipping and general lewdness. Please visit http://facebook.com/PedalPubHate for more info.

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