Bitch Beer Does Dallas

So I can no longer deny it: I live in Dallas.

The boxes are unpacked, clothes have been put away and the search for a new job has begun.

The transition from Austinite to….Dallasonian(?) has taken some time and being away from all the other ladies of Bitch Beer stinks, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the city so far. The ample parking and the never ending list of things to do helped, but what surprised me most was the flourishing beer culture. I knew about Deep Ellum Brewing and Rahr & Sons of course, but I’ve also found a number of smaller breweries that have quickly become new favorites.

So I’ve compiled a preliminary list of some of the lesser known breweries in the DFW area that are worth a try next time you’re in the Big D. I say preliminary because I’m sure I’ve left out a couple, and before you ask: yes, I hate myself for having written “Big D.”

Brabo's CutLakewood Brewing

Located in: Garland, TX

This has become a personal favorite since I now live in the Lakewood area. The brewery has four year-round beers: Rock Ryder (Wheat), Hop Trapp (IPA), The Temptress (Imperial Milk Stout) and Lakewood Lager. But like any good brewery, they also offer seasonals like their fall brew, Punkel, a pumpkin spiced dunkel that I’m very excited to try later this year.

Revolver Brewing

Located in: Granbury, TX

This brewery just opened in October, but already has widespread circulation in the DFW area. The first craft beer brewery in Hood county, Revolver has three flagship brews: Revolver Blood & Honey (Wheat), Revolver High Brass (Blonde Ale) and the Revolver Bock. According to the website, they’ve also put out a limited release called Mother’s Little Fracker, a stout as dark and as deep as the oil for which it’s named. I haven’t found it yet, but will keep my eyes peeled for it.

Franconia Brewing

Located in: McKinney, TX

This brewery is a family- run operation with origins in Germany that now prides itself on being local. The head brewer, Dennis Wehrmann, hails from Nuremberg, Germany, where he ran a small brewery before moving to Texas and opening Franconia in 2008. The brewery has a wide array of German inspired beers, but are only available on draft.

Fun fact: In an effort to go green, the brewery recycles the mash ingredients into cattle feed for North Texas farmers.

Peticolas Brewing

Located in: Dallas, TX

This brewery is quickly growing in popularity and can be found at nearly 100 different locations in the DFW area. They have three year-round brews: Velvet Hammer (Imperial Red Ale), Royal Scandal (English Pale Ale) and Golden Opportunity (Golden Ale). They also have two limited releases: the Belgian Tripel and my personal favorite, Great Scot!, a Scottish Ale that always reminds me of Doc Brown from Back to the Future.

Last month, Peticolas debuted in Austin at Chicago house for only one night, but one can hope that they’ll be back soon.

Also noteable: The Community Beer Company located in Dallas, which you can read about in our previous post here.


2 Comments on Bitch Beer Does Dallas

  1. Bringing some more peticolas and some Lakewood to Austin today!

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