#3 Bus Crawl: public transportation, public intoxication & public urination

IMG_3687When our bitter rivals friends over at Austin Beer Guide asked us to join them one Sunday in February for a whimsical journey known as the Number 3 Bus Pub Crawl, we thought the idea had the potential to turn into some kind of drunken, beer-fueled version of The Magic School Bus. Naturally, we were on board.

IMG_3686So, we put on our big girl panties and conquered those fears of public transportation that arose freshman year of college after the homeless man sitting next to us on the bus got arrested, and we braced ourselves for a day of busing and boozing.

The game plan was simple–team up with the beer loving guys from Austin Beer Guide and An Avenue, and take the #3 bus to the surprising number of awesome drinking establishments that happen to be located along the route. Our hit list:  NXNW, Buddy’s Place, Hopdoddy, Billy’s, Pinthouse Pizza, Draught House …..and Hopfields if we were still alive. Spoiler alert: we were sort of alive, but we never made it to Hopfields.

-2We had a prior engagement in the morning so we had to miss the NXNW stop. Actually, we had to miss the Buddy’s stop as well due to some shitty twitter etiquette communication failures that arose when trying to figure out where the guys were at. Eventually we decided that Hopdoddy served food, so it was obviously an ideal location to hang out while we waited to meet up. After some lunch and a round of beers we weren’t sulking over that “stood up for the prom” feeling as much anymore.

Since Hopdoddy is super into frosting their mugs, we opted for some light, refreshing options like 512 Wit and Austin Beerwork’s Pearlsnap Pils, that wouldn’t be killed by the cold as much. Also probably a good idea considering it was barely noon. The ABG guys arrived and unironically ordered Coronaritas and Micheladas. Yeah…

After Hopdoddy, our fleet swarm flock murder gang gaggle of beer bloggers hopped the bus and made our way to the next stop, Billy’s on Burnet. We ladies enjoyed Alaskan Black IPAs to ease ourselves into the darker beers to come. It was also at Billy’s that we learned that the Austin Beer Guide guys have an expense account they use for “work” beers. One day Bitch Beer girls, one day.

IMG_3688Anyways, luckily for us, our next stop, Pinthouse Pizza, is located an easy walking distance from Billy’s, so we skipped the bus and hoofed it on down to visit Joe Mohrfeld & co. At Pinthouse, we shared a glass of the Jaguar Shark, a formidable Imperial Stout aged in Wild Turkey barrels. After that beautiful beast, we switched to some of the other house brewed beers, the Te Moana Tote New Zealand session ale and the Old Beluga amber. Both superb. Conversation drifted to the upcoming “Iron Brewer” competition between the ABG guys and Morhfeld. We’ll see how that one turns out tomorrow at the Austin Beer Guide Spring Issue Release Party.

Around the time we finished polishing off our beers, a suspiciously sober fellow by the name of Kevin showed up and turned out to be our ticket to a bus-free ride to our final destination, The Draught House. (Yeah, the whole “bus” part of the bus crawl ended up being not-so-mandatory.)

-1Memories of the Draught House are a little foggy, but the photographic evidence pictured right suggests that there was a Live Oak Hefeweizen ordered. Also some nuts. Definitely demolished those nuts.

Just before sunset, the ABG crew had their wives and children meet them at Draught House for a sober ride home. Meanwhile, us pathetic, single, boozed-up betches made the long walk of shame back to the ol’ bus station to make the journey home with the rest of the Cap Metroites.

Oh yeah, also, as the headline of this story suggests, we peed outdoors on the way back to the bus. Desperate times. Wonder if any of the boys can say that.

To read another perspective on this little field trip, check out the “Beer & Loathing” feature in the Spring issue of Austin Beer Guide which releases March 21.

-Caroline & Sarah

4 Comments on #3 Bus Crawl: public transportation, public intoxication & public urination

  1. What is a Micheloda?

    No public peeing. Gross.

    • Steven Harris // April 11, 2013 at 11:04 am // Reply

      Salt rimmed pint glass, half glass of ice, half ounce of fresh lime juice, Mexican beer(Tecate) to top add three dashes of Tabasco stir lightly and enjoy.

  2. Wow. You guys went all out.

  3. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Coronitas when there is craft beer and on a brew pub crawl? Hmm.

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