Post-SXSW Hangover Cure/ Bitch Beer T-Shirt Party at Hi Hat Public House

bitchbeershirtThere are many things that the Bitch Beer ladies disagree on: music, clothes, food, the hottest Hanson brother (it’s Zac, duh), etc. But one thing we can all agree on is that we love meeting and sharing a beer with our readers. This blog would be nothing without you, and we love to thank you with the only thing we have of value – beer.

While we don’t have enough time/money/cake to throw a big party like we did in February, we’re still jonesing for another hang sesh. That’s why we’re very excited about our Post-SXSW Hangover Cure/ Bitch Beer T-Shirt Party tomorrow night, March 19, at Hi Hat Public House at 7 p.m.!

If you’re like any respectable, beer-loving Austinite, you went all out for SXSW and St. Patrick’s Day, and now you’re exhausted/still hungover. To nurse you back to health, the great dudes at Hi Hat and the ladies at Bitch Beer have planned an awesome happy hour complete with a special discount on all the bar’s amazing beers and delish food selection. To get this discount, all you have to do is wear your Bitch Beer shirt, pick up your pre-ordered shirt, buy a new shirt, or hell, just say the words Bitch Beer at the bar.

And speaking of shirts, we’ll be handing out Bitch Beer shirts for those who ordered one at our anniversary party. We’re very sorry it took so long to get this order in, and we know we suck. If you didn’t pre-order a shirt, we’ll be selling them at the happy hour, so be sure to get one so you can tell everyone who your favorite female-run beer blog is.

We’d like to thank Hi Hat Public House for letting us take over the bar for a night and Kong Screen Printing for our beautiful shirts! We’re very excited for tomorrow night, and we can’t wait to see old friends and meet new ones!


4 Comments on Post-SXSW Hangover Cure/ Bitch Beer T-Shirt Party at Hi Hat Public House

  1. hi, where can I order those T-shirts?

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