Celebrate Texas Independence Day with Texas Beer

texasindependenceThere’s one thing Texans love more than our guns, beer and 10-gallon hats: our great Lone Star state. For those of you not from Texas, here’s a little history lesson. About 177 years ago, a bunch of Texans got pissed off at their governing country – Mexico – so they were all like, “Fuck you, Santa Anna. We can do this shit, like, 100 times better than you.” Sounds familiar right?

So they started a revolution, and even though they were greatly outnumbered and out skilled (because their “army” was just a bunch of farmers with shovels and pitchforks), they somehow pulled it off and won their freedom. Probably because they had a bunch of badasses on their team like Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin. Or at least that’s my version of this whole situation. Go here for a more accurate in depth history.

Even though Texas being its own country and all obviously failed terribly, we still like to remember those few years we were off on our own, kinda like a kid who doesn’t get a job after college and has to move back in with his parents. To celebrate this great day in Texas history, several breweries around the state are showing their state pride by throwing Independence Day parties, and we’ve got a rundown of the best events this Saturday.

Rahr & Sons Brewing Company – Taking place during their normal tour hours (1-3 p.m.), Rahr & Sons will handing out “Come and Drink It” pint glasses at the door. The Grill Kings will be serving up burgers and fries, Southside Salsa Company will be selling and giving out free samples of their locally made salsa and River Trip will be supplying some good ‘ol drinking music. Like always, tickets are $10 at the door.

Independence Brewing Company – I’d be pretty disappointed if Independence didn’t do something special for Texas tomorrow, but lucky for us, they’ve got a very big day planned. At their regular 1st Saturday Tour and Tasting they will be premiering their as-of-yet unreleased beer, Citrification, a single malt, single hop IPA brewed with Citra. The celebration continues after 1st Satruday at the Whole Foods Lamar street food fair where they will be  serving All Together Ale and at the newly opened Craft Pride, which will have a cask of Citrification and other Independence beers.

St. Arnold’s Brewing Company – St. Arnold’s is heading to Austin to celebrate Texas Independence, and you can catch some special events at The Draught House and The Dig Pub. Both bars will be serving up St. Arnold’s brews in commemorative Texas Independence pint glasses as well as other, undisclosed beer-themed merriment.

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling – If you’re in San Antonio, head down to Spec’s Live Oak from 2 – 5 p.m. and Spec’s De Zavala from 5-8 p.m. to enjoy some great drinks from Ranger Creek. At both events Head Distiller TJ Miller will be signing bottles of the .36 Texas Bourbon as well as giving tastes of the oh-so delicious Mesquite Smoked Porter.

We’ll add more events as we see them before tomorrow so be sure to check back. And most importantly don’t forget to raise a glass to the greatest state in the union and remember the good ‘old days when we were getting shit done on our own…even if it was for just a short period of time.



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