Want friends to buy you beer? Become a Beergram beta tester

Picture this–it’s your birthday, congratulations, let’s say the Big Three Ohhh, you pick up your iPhone and are at once berated with wall posts, tweets and texts. And, everyone from your cousin in New Jersey to your boyfriend from freshman year of college has included in their birthday wishes, the well-intentioned, if not totally empty, obligatory offer of “I owe you a beer.”

How many of these mythical beers do you actually see? Not many.

Is it because your friends are cheap jerks with no real intention of delivering on the offer? Maybe.

-2But, more than likely, the reason you never see these beers is some of these people live far away, or aren’t able to make it out for your birthday festivities that night, and soon it’s not your birthday any more and everyone has moved on and forgotten about the offer.

All this can (and frankly, should) change with a new app developed right here in Austin, TX.

Beergram, just released in beta form Saturday, is a free iPhone/ iPad application that allows users to buy their friends a real, tangible, drinkable (IRL) beer, whether they are across the bar or across the country.

Beergram is currently available in Austin and Houston while in beta mode, with bars in several more cities in the works (though users can send beers from anywhere…here’s looking at you out-of-state friends who want to buy me a beer).

It’s not just some generic “free beer” coupon either, friends actually get to select the specific participating bar they would like the recipient to redeem their beer at, and comb through the bar’s selection to choose the perfect gift brew. (For example, Andrea, one of the creators of Beergram, sent us a Deep Ellum Pollinator Doppelbock to enjoy at Red’s Porch while we chatted with her for this story today.) Recipients can choose whether to “redeem now” or “redeem later,” so you don’t actually have to be at a bar at the time you receive a beer to redeem it.

Austin bars already working with Beergram include: Red’s Porch, Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden, Haddington’s, Javelina, Frank, Little Woodrow’s, Uncle Billy’s and all area Opal Divine’s locations. -1

Once you receive a beer from a friend, simply show your phone to the bartender so they can verify it and start pouring.

And, it’s not just pints, for example, you can actually send a friend an entire growler fill from Uncle Billy’s.

As with any product in beta form, Beergram is still rolling out new features and updates to improve functionality, but it is beautifully designed and the core beer sending, friending, and check-in processes are all up and running.

So, if you like giving beer, receiving beer, and, obviously drinking beer, you can become one of Beergram’s early beta testers by downloading the app from the iTunes store here. Oh, and if there are any Android users out there, don’t worry too hard, the folks behind Beergram hope to expand to the Android platform in a few months.

Also, I know what you’re thinking, “Man, I have to send the ladies of Bitch Beer a thank you beer for telling me about this amazing app.” Wow, that’s really nice of you. Just search Bitch Beer and we’re confident you’ll find us.



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