Bitch Beer Review: The Love of Beer

The-Love-of-Beer“It’s not for feminism or equality. It’s for the love of beer.”

The tagline to the 2011 documentary, The Love of Beer, focusing on women in beer culture succinctly sums up why Bitch Beer was started.

The film, set in the Pacific Northwest (namely Portland, Oregon), shows the every day lives of women who put their lives into beer culture and the beer industry. The main stories in the documentary are about Tonya Cornett, Head Brewer of Bend Brewing Co. and Sarah Pederson, creator of the bar and restaurant Saraveza.

The director, Alison Grayson, weaves a fantastic overview of how women are slowly but surely making their way into the beer scene. Interspersed with montages of women doing their job at breweries, Grayson did a great job of showing that women are passionate about beer.

One of my favorite moments in the film was when Saraveza owner, Sarah Pederson (pregnant at the time), is at a beer event and she does a taste and spit of beer. Mostly reserved for wine, I thought it was awesome that she was putting the practice to use on beer.

The Love of Beer does a great job of not turning into a, “WOMEN LIKE BEER, TOO!” kind of movie. It recognizes that, Yes, these are women in beer. But they are in the beer culture and industry because they love beer. They did not go into their jobs because they wanted to make a statement about women and beer. The love of beer was the true motivator.

You can download the film on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, Playstation, YouTube or you can buy a DVD from their website.

The tagline rings true to how many women feel in regards to beer culture. Even though there is a large gender gap regarding beer, women are not getting jobs at breweries or devoting their lives to beer as some kind of feminist statement. We are passionate about beer. We fall in love with it. We brew, imbibe, write, and film for the love of beer.


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