Beer of the Week: Black Chocolate Stout

January is almost over, and apparently, so is winter in Texas.

But even if it’s 80 degrees out, we can still hold on to that wintery feeling by going inside, blasting the AC and enjoying a few more seasonal beers while we can.

Spring seasonals like Shock Top’s Honeycrisp Apple Wheat and Shiner’s Farmhouse Ale have already snuck back into stores in the past few weeks, but if you look closely, you can still find that one beer that will make you feel as warm inside as it is outside.

This week, I was shopping at World Market in a half-hearted attempt to furnish the apartment I’ve been living in for the past five months, but was quickly distracted by the unexpected selection of beers located next to the ottomans.

After about fifteen minutes of circling the three beer aisles, I settled on the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout 4-pack. Somehow I had missed it during the holidays, and was looking forward to the kind of cheer only a 10 percent ABV can bring.

The bittersweet of the dark chocolate is immediate on the first taste and finishes with the slight burn that you would expect from a high ABV beer.

There was a little more carbonation than I had expected after pouring from the bottle into my glass, leaving a bit of a lingering taste, but overall it was a nice sipping beer that lasted longer than usual.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Black Chocolate Stout

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 10%

Availability: October to March

Served in: Bottle

Smell: Chocolate, hints of roasted coffee

Taste: Bitter, with a dry alcohol finish

Calories: A hefty 320

Fun Fact: Imperial Stouts were once made exclusively for Catherine the Great in the 18th century.



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