Meet the Brewer: Hops & Grain @ Liberty Tavern

hopsandgrainHops & Grain consistently puts out fantastic, well-rounded beers that I never seem to tire of. Whenever I have an Alt-eration, it’s as good as it was the first time I had it. It’s also amazing how they seem to elaborate on an already delicious recipe (like their French Oak Alt-eration). If you were ever curious about the workings of Hops and Grain, you’re in luck!

On Tuesday, Jan. 29 from 5:30 to 6:30, Liberty Tavern (at 500 E. 4th St.) will be hosting a “Meet the Brewer” night with founder and head brewer Josh Hare in attendance. He will discuss the craft brewing process, where they get inspiration for new beers and what they currently produce throughout the year.

Liberty Tavern will have $3 drafts of Alt-eration (2012 World Beer Cup gold medal winner), Greenhouse Bourbon Barrel-Aged Old Ale and Greenhouse New Zealand Hopped IPA. They will also have cans of Pale Dog for $2.

So come out to Liberty Tavern, enjoy a few brews, and get some of your craft beer questions answered!


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