Welcome back HBO’s “Girls” with series-themed drinking game

HBO_GIRLSBesides good craft beer, there’s one thing everyone at Bitch Beer can agree on:  HBO’s series Girls. The show, which is written by Judd Apatow and the main star Lena Dunham, follows four 20-somethings as they discover life after college and learn to deal with unemployment, shitty jobs, emotions and life in general. If you’re not watching Girls, you’re probably A.) lame, B.) don’t have HBO or C.) old.

If you’re in category A or B (sorry, C), now is your time to turn it around. Girls comes back this Sunday, Jan. 13, at 9 p.m., and for Bitch Beer that means we’ll be starting up our weekly Girls’ Night consisting of finger foods, sharing craft beer and laughing until we cry at the too-true hilarity of Girls. We invite you to create a similar night with your beer-loving friends, pull out some gems from your craft beer collection and drink along with us and our Official Girls Drinking Game.

The Rules

Drink everytime…

  1. Hannah gets naked
  2. Marnie talks shit behind someone’s back
  3. Hannah eats her feelings
  4. Jessa makes an inappropriate comment and DGAF
  5. There’s more than one girl in a bathroom at a time
  6. Hannah talks about her writing
  7. Adam is shirtless
  8. Someone makes an awkward comment during sex
  9. You can point to the screen and say, “I’ve done that!” (two drinks if it’s something you’re not proud of)
  10. Jessa wears a dress that could be mistaken for a large sack
  11. Someone hooks up with an ex
  12. Shoshanna says 10 words in one second

So sit back, drink some beer and enjoy season two of Girls.


1 Comment on Welcome back HBO’s “Girls” with series-themed drinking game

  1. Just caught up on the first season, per your advice. This is spot on.

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