Ballast Point Arrives in Austin

19421Well folks. It’s our moment. The time has come for Austinites to be able to enjoy Ballast Point brews in the comfort of our own homes and local wateringholes.

Yes, nearly a year after the San Diego based brewery’s beers first penetrated the Texas market by landing exclusively in Dallas-Fort Worth, distribution is finally expanding to include Austin and Houston.

You’ll be able to get your first local taste of the brewery’s flagship IPA, Sculpin, at Pinthouse Pizza, Star Bar and Brew Exchange which will be tapping kegs tomorrow, Jan. 4.

Pinthouse and Star Bar will also be having all-out Ballast Point launch parties on Monday, Jan. 7 with owner Jack White (the other Jack White) and VP of Marketing Earl Kight in attendance.

Pinthouse’s launch party on Monday will kick off at 6:30p.m. and will feature tappings of Sculpin IPA, Victory at Sea Imperial Porter, Yellowtail Pale Ale and Black Marlin Porter  (and perhaps the opportunity to try a taste of Wahoo Wheat, Calico Amber and Big Eye IPA) and, of course, some brewery swag.

The Star Bar party the same night will feature tappings of Sculpin, Victory at Sea and Yellowtail.

No word yet on when bottles will arrive in Austin stores (though we’ve been promised some time in January). Rest assured, we’re on it and will update this post as soon as we get something a little more solid than Twitter gossip.


3 Comments on Ballast Point Arrives in Austin

  1. Thanks for the write-up, we love Bitch Beer! For the launch party on Monday, aside from the Sculpin IPA, Pinthouse Pizza will also have kegs of Ballast Point’s delicious Victory at Sea Imperial Porter, Yellowtail Pale Ale, Black Marlin Porter and you might even be able to get a taste of their Wahoo Wheat, Calico Amber and Big Eye IPA. It’s not going to suck! – Nic (Pinthouse Pizza)

    • Yay, thanks very much for the update! We’ll update the post above. We’re particularly excited about Victory at Sea too. Definitely not going to suck!

  2. Yes, the Victory at Sea, is really tasty. If you haven’t already had them, the Yellowtail Pale Ale is nice and light and the Big Eye IPA is also another good IPA that is very different from the Sculpin.

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