“Hoppy” Holidays from Bitch Beer!

HoppyHoliday_frameWe want to wish everyone a merry Christmas, happy Kwanza, belated Chanukah, merry Festivus, happy Boxing Day, or whatever other holiday you celebrate. We hope you enjoy the holiday with good friends, civil  happy family and of course good craft beer.

We’re taking a little break from blogging about beer to celebrate our holidays with our families and enjoy our bombers/4-pack that we all got in our white elephant beer exchange (see our Christmas card). But don’t worry because we’ll be back before you know it! We have so much planned for 2013 that we’re all  practically exploding with excitement. Stay tuned to learn about all the awesomely drunken things we have in the works for you!

-Holly (Freetail Real Tail), Caroline (Sierra Nevada Narwhal), Shaun (Avery Maharaha), Wendy (Ranger Creek Mesquite Smoked Porter), Kat (Brouwerij Roman N.V. Rince Cochon), Sarah (Wicked Beaver Cream Weaver), and Ari (Jester King Gotlandsdricka

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