Happy National Growler Day!

nationalgrowlerdayToday is an exciting day. It has nothing to do with Christmas, Hanukkah or the end of the world. No, today is National Growler Day!

National Growler Day was started three years ago by BeerMapping.com, and while it may be a little known holiday (if you can call it a holiday because I’m sure as hell at work today), it’s still an important one. For those of you who don’t know, growlers are those resealable  glass jugs – normally  a dark amber color to seal in the freshness or ceramic if you think you’re fancy – that you can take into certain bars, fill them up with beer and be on your merry way.

Growlers are awesome because they give you a way to take home your favorite beer from breweries like (512) Brewing Company, Live Oak Brewing Company or Lakewood Brewing Company that either don’t bottle or can or have a very limited supply. Then you can enjoy your beer wherever you want – hopefully that means somewhere responsible and not the side of the road or somewhere stupid. Growlers are also great because they help reduce waste that inevitably comes from bottles and cans.


Bitch Beer writer Caroline and I celebrated our National Growler Day a bit early yesterday when we were lucky enough to visit Craft & Growler in Dallas. The bar has 30 taps of nearly all Texas and local brews, but they specialize in growlers. Their growler selection covers an entire wall in the bar with several different sizes and styles to choose from and prices that range from $6 to about $120 for a beautiful, handmade ceramic growler. Craft & Growler even sells a kit that turns a growler into a lamp!

If you’re not lucky enough to visit Craft & Growler today, there are plenty of places around Austin where you can fill up on some awesome local beer. Whip In, North by Northwest, Black Star Co-Op, Draught House and any Whole Foods are growler friendly, and all have great local selections.


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