Jester King Announces Collaboration With Brasserie Thiriez

La Petite PrincesseJester King announced that in early October they collaborated with craft brewery Brasserie Thiriez in Esquelbecq, France to create La Petite Princesse Bière de Table.

They were very excited for the opportunity to brew with Thiriez because the French yeast they use in the majority of their fermentation was initially derived from Thiriez. La Petite Princesse has the same recipe at Jester King’s Le Petit Prince except the hops and malt were from a different supplier and the yeast came from Thiriez’s own house yeast. They even used water from France for the brewing.

Unfortunately, at the time, you can only have the beer if you go to Europe. There is potential for the beer to make its way to the United States but it is not likely to make it to Texas. Thiriez cannot brew enough beer to warrant paying the $7,000 to sell their beer in Texas.

If you think this is a gross injustice (like all of us at Bitch Beer do), then Jester King recommended either, 1. moving elsewhere, or 2. joining Open the Taps to help Texas brewers change the TABC laws.


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