Odell Brewing Co. looks to expand, maybe even to Texas

Odell_logoIt’s hard being a Texan. It’s always freakin’ hot, you constantly have to put up with jokes from out-of-staters about being a cowboy and riding horses, but worst of all, there are so many good breweries that don’t distribute here.  Luckily, that might soon change for one brewery Texans can only dream of.

In a recent article by the Coloradoan, Odell Brewing Co. announced their plans to expand the brewery in the coming year. The expansion plan consists of adding a new two-story, 100-barrel brewhouse; a new cellar; beer garden; employee parking lot and expanding the current taproom. The beer garden will have a window looking into the new brewhouse, giving beer lovers a chance to watch as Odell’s brewers brew that awesome beer.

But the best part of this whole announcement is that Odell plans to add one more state to their distribution list in 2013. That’s right, TEXAS! Imagine it, my fellow Texans:  this time next year, we may be able to easily enjoy an Isolation Ale during the holidays without having to beg our friends in other states to send us some or bring it back with them. Or a Meddler or a Mountain Standard or whatever your favorite Odell beer is.

If this whole end-of-the-world thing turns out to be BS, I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a pretty good year. Or at least a pretty drunk year.

Check out the full Coloradoan article here.


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