Tim League and Bill Norris Debate on Beer


I like a good debate (as evidenced by my religious viewing of the Presidential debates) and I like a good beer (as evidenced by…well…Bitch Beer) but a combination of the two sounds like something I would be down for and intrigued by.

Tomorrow (December 5th) at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar at 7PM you can witness such an amazing example of such a combination. The night will start off with a series of lectures about beer followed by the clash of the drinkers!

What you will see

Michael Graham of Austin Beerworks will discuss what beer actually is.

Ellie Hanlon will talk about the manufacturing of hops along with the rise of International Bitterness Unit.

Amanda Krauss will explain the influence beer has on literature and philosophy.

And then the debate will begin with Tim League and Bill Norris arguing about which is better: American beer and European beer.

The event is $11 (tickets here) and the event is by Dionysium. They do a lot of debates over various topics (next month is Science!) and the beer topic obviously piqued our interest.


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