Black Friday Deals for Homebrewers

Black Friday isn’t just about getting trampled by overzealous shoppers while hanging elbows deep in the $5 DVD bargain bin at the local Walmart or engaging in hand to hand combat with that high school chick for the last pair of size 8 seafoam pumps at H&M.

Lucky for us homebrewers, homebrew supply shops are also rolling out some great deals and promotions. And, why wouldn’t they? After all, homebrewing is the true gift that keeps on giving.’s Black Friday sale runs today only, and includes deals on stock pots, carboys, beginners homebrewing kits, hops and more.

And, now that you’re recovering from last night’s food coma and ready to venture off the couch, head on over to  Austin Homebrew Supply for some great in store Black Friday promotions, including drawings for gift certificates and 1-Gallon All Grain Kits from 12-2p.m. today.

If you can’t make it to Austin homebrew because you’re currently hometownin’ it for the Thanksgiving holiday, never fear, all orders from their online shop over $100 between Black Friday and Cyber Monday will include a special mystery gift. Intriguing.

Now to get our Christmas list together…


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