Beers We’re Thankful For

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Bitch Beer girls have decided to pay a little tribute to the beers we were thankful for this year…

Beer: New Belgium’s Cocoa Mole
Why: Cocoa Mole is without a doubt one of my favorite beers of 2012. One of the more illusive members of New Belgium’s Lips of Faith series (at least as far as Texas distribution goes), I was really excited to get my hands on this lil’ Latin lover at Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden on multiple occasions this fall. Bangers, New Belgium, my taste buds would like to express their sincerest gratitude.

Beer: Real Ale’s Rio Blanco Pale Ale
Why: Besides Bitch Beer, I freelance for a local music blog called Red River Noise where I have been dubbed the “Scene Queen” because I cover the scene beat – anything from metalcore to emo pop. Therefore, I spend a lot of time at Emo’s. Rio Blanco comes into this story because after Emo’s moved to the East Side, they started carrying the pale ale and only charging $3 for it – that’s less than they charge for their Lone Stars! So while I may have to sit through some shitty bands like Boys Like Girls and The Ready Set, at least I have some non-shitty beer to help ease my pain.

Beer: Jester King‘s Boxer’s Revenge
Why: Jester King’s Boxer’s Revenge was the beer that spurred my current obsession with sour beers. From then on I’ve been a goner. Grabbing drafts and bombers of anything marked “sour” or “lambic,” I have an almost unhealthy love for these beer styles now. Boxer’s Revenge is entirely to blame.

Beer: Guadalupe Texas Honey Ale
Why: This is a beer that I have only had the chance to try twice, but it only took one pint to win me over. Since then I have not been able to find that bright, slightly sweet ale, forcing me (well, force may not be the best word) to expand my horizons and try new brews. However, this beer taught me that while good beers may come and go, the hunt for great beer is forever. Feel free to dab that tear in your eye with a bev nap.

Beer: Jester King Buddha’s Brew
Why: This is probably my favorite beer to come out of Jester King (which is hard to say because there are so many that I love). I think they can read minds (specifically, mine) because I am quite the fan of both kombucha and beer. So combining them into one tasty beverage was like finding the Ark of the Covenant—in other words, face-meltingly good.

Beer: Thirsty Planet‘s Smoked Dark Ruby Ale
Why: Just a beer the Thirsty Planet brewers crafted as a one-time offering (that might hopefully reappear!), the Dark Ruby was my favorite to drink at Bitch Beer’s Bitchin’ Brew party. It marked the moment I realized I preferred darker beers. And smoked beers. And beers that aren’t Blue Moons. Coming from a girl who used to sip that orange-hued brew on draft, that’s saying something.

Beer: Keystone Light
Why: I am thankful, strangely enough, for the warm Keystone I choked back Halloween of 2007. Although it was wretched, it has given me the wisdom to appreciate a good thing (such as Wasatch Brew Pub’s scrumptious Polygamy Porter or Thirsty Planet’s ultra-smooth Oval Office Honey Ale) when it’s poured and placed in front of me. That warm can of beer bestowed upon me, drives me to seek the delicious and stands as an eternal monument to the consequences that await those unwilling to give quality a chance.

Beer: Ithaca Beer Company’s Flower Power IPA
Why: I discovered this gem when first moving back to the New York City area this spring and I immediately took to the groovy taste of it. My first sip was at the ever-impressive Bierkraft in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, a sunny spot with shady sandwiches. Just kidding, the sandwiches are amazingly gourmet and delicious but back to the beer! Since it’s hopped and dry-hopped, the floral aromas are pungent, making it aptly named. I find myself ordering the IPA even as the blistery Northeastern winter starts to roll in, so that little touch of spring time anytime of year is what I’m thankful for with Flower Power IPA.

What beers were you thankful for this year?

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