Uncle Billy’s Wild Game Brewer’s Dinner

We apologize for the lateness of this post, we’re going to go ahead and blame it on the serious food coma we had following the dinner. Since that excuse is wearing very thin, we’ll do what people with smart phones do best: show you pictures of what we had for dinner.

Recently, Bitch Beer was invited to a Wild Game Brewer’s Dinner at Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que at Lake Travis.  The meal was was made up of five courses created from local ingredients from various Texas farms and then paired with beers crafted by Uncle Billy’s.

Craft beers, fine food AND an amazing view? We were sold.

And since 1/3 of Bitch Beer is vegetarian, we were more than happy to take one for the team and bear the burden of eating meat and drinking beer.

Try not to drool on your keyboard as we go through each course:

1st Course

“Texas Quail locally sourced from Broken Arrow Ranch, stuffed with blueberries, fresh sage, and orange rind, smoked to perfection – Paired with Uncle Billy’s Agave Wit”

This was almost too cute to eat. Almost. Served on a bed of greens, the quail was both savory and sweet, thanks to the blueberries, which stayed firm even while cooked. Walnuts in the stuffing added a crunchy texture to an otherwise very tender dish. The Agave Wit was light and fruity, leaving plenty of room for the next four courses.

2nd Course

“Rabbit Consommé made with rabbits from Countryside Farm in Cedar Creek, TX. This rich yet delicate broth will be cooked over several hours with fresh tarragon, thyme and rosemary – Paired with Uncle Billy’s Axe Handle Pale Ale”

Not knowing what consommé was going into the dinner, we were very surprised to see a large bowl of what looked like broth placed in front of us. Described as a “palate cleanser,” the consommé was rich and warm with several distinct herbs. The Axe Handle was crisp and hoppy and helped to cut come of the richness of the soup.

3rd Course

“An arugula and spicy micro greens salad topped with fresh berries and Pure

Luck local goat cheese from Dripping Springs, TX. Served with Wit vinaigrette. Paired with Uncle Billy’s Bottle Rocket Lager.”

The salad was a great middle course with lots of fruit and creamy goat cheese, but in all honesty, we were more excited to finally try the Bottle Rocket Lager. The two of us had missed out on all the GABF fun, so it was great to finally try a gold-medal winner. The beer was clean with citrus notes, which complimented the salad, but also had some of the fullness you would expect in a lager.

4th Course

“Boar Loin Chops from Black Hill Ranch grilled with a sweet and spicy prickly

pear glaze. Served with pine nut polenta and fresh local greens. Paired with Uncle Billy’s Vienna Lager.”

These were no mere pork chops. If you weren’t full after eating an entire small bird, you were after eating this pork loin. The meat was tender and moist, both important factors considering the size of each serving. The polenta bread served on the side had a was reminiscent of corn bread, salty and buttery. The Vienna Lager picked up on some of the pine notes in the polenta and was refreshing to sip with the heaviest course.

5th Course

“Decadent vanilla bean ice cream made with local duck eggs from Countryside
Farm. Paired with CASK Uncle Billy’s Lake Monster Imperial Stout.”

If we could put the sound of a mouth-watering into words, that’s all we would need to write. But since we can’t, we’ll keep typing. The ice cream was rich with very strong vanilla flavor and a texture that neither of us could quite figure out . The taste had a clean finish, a quality not found very often in dairy products. Blue Bell may have some competition close to home.

And if that wasn’t enough decadence to stop your heart, the pairing sure was. We were among the first people to taste the Lake Monster Imperial Stout, a cask beer that had been brewing for months. Each diner got a five ounce sampler glass, but that was all we needed (Especially with its 10%ABV). The stout was very malt and smooth with molasses and brown sugar flavors. There was a very strong urge to pour it over the ice cream.

A big thanks to Uncle Billy’s Lake Travis for inviting us to do what we love most: drinking great brews and eating amazing food we didn’t have to cook ourselves.

-Wendy & Kat

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