To America! Election Night Drinking Game

I’m just going to say it: politics is boring. It’s just a bunch of old dudes talking about stuff that makes me fall asleep. BUT every four years, it gets a little more interesting with the election.

Now while I may not know much about things like the economy or foreign policy, I do know that beer makes all of these topics so much more interesting. So tomorrow as you [hopefully] watch the end of this election season, kick your viewing experience up a notch with this Bitch Beer approved drinking game, and let the best man win. Or whoever you’re voting for.

Take a drink/sip/shot/chug when anyone says:

  • Sandy
  • Big Bird
  • Photo ID
  • George W. Bush (double down)
  • Recount
  • Obamacare
  • Youth vote
  • 47 Percent
  • A Third Party candidate’s name
  • Ohio
  • Iowa
  • Reagan
  • It’s too close to call
  • Exit polls are showing…

Drink if/when:

  • You see a hologram (double down if someone talks to it)
  • The reporters have to awkwardly stall for time
  •  A candidate gets more than 70 percent of the vote in a single state
  • Someone uses a giant touch-screen map
  • You see a panel of undecided voters
  • Results come in for your home state (double down if doesn’t agree with whom you voted for)
  • They use a split screen

Then when it’s all over, everyone should finish their drink and have a big group hug. You may not agree with each other, but you’re all still friends no matter who’s ruling the country.

And as always, drink safe, drink craft.


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