#ATXbw Recap: Alamo Drafthouse’s “Strange Brew”

Don’t ever look at Rick Moranis’ Wikipedia page.

You think it’s a good idea because you see a movie like “Strange Brew” for the first time in a few years and you think “Damn, whatever happened to that guy?”

Austin brewers discuss their strange brews.

I’ll tell you what happened. His wife died in the nineties, forcing him into retirement to deal with the struggles of single fatherhood. Besides a few one-off voiceover gigs, he hasn’t done a movie since 1997, and that was “Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves,” also kind of a terrifyingly depressing plotline now that I really think about it.

Anyways, now that you’re officially mourning the film industry’s loss of this beloved, Canadian hero, I have good news for you. The Alamo Drafthouse really likes “Strange Brew.” They played it at the 2011 Off-Centered Film Festival, and they played it again on Wednesday for Austin Beer Week. In fact, according to the Drafthouse’s John Gross, our auspicious host for Wednesday’s screening, the Alamo guys love this movie so much, they kinda have to actively stop themselves from overplaying it.

The best part of the Austin Beer Week screening was, predictably, the beer. That’s right sippin’ strange brews while watchin’ “Strange Brew. ” Damn, we love a good theme party.

The featured beer included a firkin of Circle Brewing’s dry-hopped Envy Amber, Hops & Grain Bourbon Barrel aged ALTeration, Twisted X Siesta Prickly Pear Lager,Real Ale Brewers’ Cut Black Quadrupel and Jester King’s Gotlandsdricka. Brewers were also on hand to help introduce their beers and talk a little about what their respective breweries do to push the envelope with experimental beers. From Hops & Grain’s Greenhouse series, to Real Ale’s Brewers Cut and Mysterium Vernumseries, there are definitely some very interesting things brewing in the Austin craft beer scene. Heyyyyoo.


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