Jester King kicks off Austin Beer Week with Funk n’ Sour Fest

On Saturday, Oct. 20, Jester King Craft Brewery held their second annual Funk n’ Sour Fest, a day dedicated to all beers funky and sour.

Two tents served Jester King classics including Das Uberkind, Funk Metal, Boxer’s Revenge, Das Wunderkind!, Bonnie the Rare, Buddha’s Brew and Noble King as a calibration beer. They also unveiled two new beers named RU-55 (a barrel-aged Sour Red) and Ol’ Oi! (a barrel-aged Sour Brown).

In the tasting room, they served guest beers including Grande Dame (Brasserie Trois Dames – Switzerland), Funk (e) * (Mikkeller – Denmark), Young Spontanale (Mikkeller – Denmark), Flemish Primitive (De Proef – Belgium), and two mystery beers. Mystery Beer No. 1 came from Brussels, Belgium and Mystery Beer No. 2 came from Michigan.

Two of us also went to the Sweet & Sour Soiree which was a cupcake and beer pairing. Jester King teamed up with Ruination Press and Sweet Fuzion to pair up seven Jester King beers with seven cupcakes.

First Pairing

Brie/Cranberry Compote Cupcake (Cranberry Dream) with RU-55

Second Pairing

Pear and Camembert with Mascarpone frosting (The Rare Pear) with Bonnie the Rare

Third Pairing

Thai Curry cupcake (Temple of Thai) with Das Wunderkind!

Fourth Pairing

Caramel, bacon cupcake (Salted Caramel Overload) with Ol’ Oi!

Fifth Pairing

Gorgonzola, Apple Balsamic cupcake with Buddha’s Brew

Sixth Pairing

Red, Hot, & Bleu with Gorgonzola frosting with Boxer’s Revenge

Seventh Pairing

Chocolate coffee with vanilla goat cheese frosting (Cabrito Café) with Funk Metal.

We had a fantastic time at the event and we even got a shout out from the line for Tent Two from some fans that recognized us!



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