Beer of the Week: Lost Gold IPA

While half of Bitch Beer’s girls were in Denver, Colo. for the Great American Beer Festival, I was running around the Austin City Limits Festival grounds covering fashion for my day job at the Austin American-Statesman – an assignment that called for kicking back with a beer once it was done each night.

The beer of choice? Real Ale’s Lost Gold IPA, so rich with the flavor of American hops that it just had to be the Beer of the Week. (Also, after such a good showing at GABF, let’s show Texas brews some love.)

It’s available year-round at certain grocery stores and on tap at Austin hang-outs like Whip-In and Banger’s, but very well-suited for fall, I think, because of its mild bitterness, a heavier taste than the lagers and hefeweizens popular in the summertime.

That bitterness is the reason I sucked my first bottle of Lost Gold dry quickly the night I discovered it. After so many months of sticking to lighter, sweeter brews, my beer palate found the change it didn’t know it was looking for. It’s a good transition if you, too, are looking to try something with a bit more bite but don’t want to jump straight into porters and stouts.

Brewed in the nearby Hill Country, Lost Gold tastes its best when poured into a pint glass, just after its frothy head stops bubbling. That’s when it warms the throat, going in crisp and easy and settling in with the rich aftertaste of all those hops.

Basic facts about this IPA:

  • 6.6% ABV
  • 63.00 IBU
  • Golden-orange-hued
  • Contains “massive additions of American hops” as well as German Vienna and English Crystal malts, according to the Real Ale website
  • Sister beer to the Devil’s Backbone Belgian-style tripel, Fireman’s 4 Blonde Ale and other Real Ale creations

If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t forget to drink to Texas’ wins at GABF, including two silver medals for Real Ale.


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