GABF: Bitch Beer Staff Highlights

The Great American Beer Festival has come to a close, and Team Bitch Beer has returned to Austin after a pretty freakin’ amazing adventure.

So, as we prepare to unleash an onslaught of GABF coverage, we though we’d start on a personal note with some of our crew’s favorite memories from our time in Denver.





Name: Caroline
Favorite festival brews: Ballast Point‘s Habanero Sculpin, Cigar City‘s Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin, Devil’s Backbone‘s Danzig, Dang, could go on and on…
A surprisingly good brew: Dogfish Head‘s Hot Thoup, an imperial pale ale randalled with fresh ginger and carrot and served at a warm, soup-like temperature.
Favorite unofficial GABF week event: Any night spent at Falling Rock or aboard the Beerliner.
Strangest swag acquired: Hop-scented air freshener.
Favorite GABF hashtag: #VIPee (referring to the drastically shorter line for the women’s restroom)
One great moment: Tequila shots with our fellow Texans.
Vomit count: 0.



Name: Holly
Favorite festival brews: Prescott Brewing Achocolypse, Ska Brewing Autumnal Mole’ Stout, Stone Brewing‘s Stone Smoked Porter with Chipotle Peppers,
A surprisingly good brew: Maui Coconut Porter Beer-cicle from Star Bar
Favorite unofficial GABF week event: Getting into the Judges Party. Thanks (512)!
Strangest swag acquired: Yeast doll with bottle opener carabiner
Favorite GABF hashtag: #overmilked
One great moment: Finding the Secret Garden
Vomit count: ½



Name: Shaun
Favorite festival brews: Ballast Point’s Habanero Sculpin, Freetail Chile Limon Wit, New Belgium La Folie, Jester King Das Uberkind
A surprisingly good brew: New Belgium Peach Porch Lounger Beer-cicle from Star Bar
Favorite unofficial GABF week event: The White Lab Party at Shag Lounge
Strangest swag acquired: Besides the afore mentioned, a poster sized comic book themed ad for Black Star (not to be confused with Black Star Co-op from ATX)
Favorite GABF hashtag: #VICheese
One great moment: Impromptu lunch with the folks over at
Vomit count: 1

1 Comment on GABF: Bitch Beer Staff Highlights

  1. Great write up ladies! Even better weekend. Looking forward for a future Bitch Beer PorchDrinking collab party in Austin

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