Easy Tiger Mug Club

Yesterday Easy Tiger announced the launch of its “Mug Club.” As regulars of this rockin’ beer garden, the Bitch Beer girls are thrilled! For a mere $45, you can get an Easy Tiger t-shirt, head band, mug and one precious piece of plastic. With your mug club card, you will receive 21 ounces of beer for the price of 16 as well as receiving points for beer purchases that can be used towards a special “reserve beer list.”

If the name’s not intriguing enough on its own, you should know that the reserve list is literally for members only. And I quote, “These beers are gifts for customers that come in on a regular basis and cannot be sold in the restaurant under any circumstances” (easytigeraustin.com). With all this secrecy you know they’ve got some good beer up their sleeves. With an already impressive group of craft beers, the reserve list is sure to be worth collecting points for. In the Mug Club point system $5 worth of beer = 100 points. Up to four people will be able to combine their points for reserve beer. What’s yet to be revealed is how many points you’ll need to get one of the reserve beers. If you are regulars of this downtown hot spot like we are, the Easy Tiger Mug Club is an investment in your beer tasting future.

If you are interested in the concept of “mug clubs” around Austin, check out these other membership based beer clubs.

Uncle Billy’s Brewery & BBQ: Mug Club- $50

  • $3.50 Mugs on Mondays, Oversized Mugs at Pint Prices the Rest of the Week
  • Exclusive Mug Club Mugs Kept Behind the Bar
  • 10% Off Merchandise & Brewer’s Dinner Tickets
  • Mug Club Appreciation Party At the End of the Year

Flying Saucer: UFO Club- $18

  • Receive a BEERKNURD T-shirt
  • Magnetic Card to Swipe & Keep Track of the Beers You Drink (Flying Saucer has a “Ring of Honor.” After you drink 200 beers you get a Plate with your name on the wall and a bar tab)
  • Use the card to claim your prizes on your way to the “Ring of Honor”

Little Woodrows: Mug Club -$50

  • Drink from a Giant Mug for the Price of a Pint All Year Long
  • 10% Off All Merchandise

Black Star Co-op: $150
For the more serious beer-lover you can become a member-owner of Black Star Co-op. Member-owner benefits:

  • Voting Power
  • Member Appreciation Events
  • Patronage Refunds
  • Bragging Rights
  • “Beer with the Board” specials
  • Free “Birthday Beer” on the Anniversary of Joining the Co-op


1 Comment on Easy Tiger Mug Club

  1. This is great! I’m definitely signing up. Thanks for the tip (and all the details too)!

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