Bitch Beer goes Back to School

ImageIf there was ever a class that would make you want to jump out of bed in the morning, it’s this one.

Rice University is offering a new course this semester, “Beer Beyond the Hedges,” in which students will study the history of beer and brewing, visit local breweries, and yes, drink beer. The Hedge refers to the hedges that surround Rice University, so it makes sense that they would promote drinking off-campus.

The course is taught by a former brewer from Saint Arnold Brewing, Bev Blackwood II, who has taken it upon himself to teach college students that if you’re going to drink in college, you need to do it right. For far too long, college students have depended on Bud Light, Coors Light, and the ever-popular Keystone as their go-to-brew.

ImageHopefully after being introduced to brews like Lemon Basil Wit and Oktoberfest, their palates will become a little more sophisticated.

Students will visit two breweries during the semester, Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company and Saint Arnold, both located in the Houston area and both run by Rice University graduates.

On a personal note, being from Houston myself, I for one am quite proud of my H-town peeps for bringing the craft beer movement to the college level. We may not have the same great reputation for fine brewing as Austin, but we’re learning (Literally.)

We can only hope that Blackwood will tweet about his class, which take place from Sept. 20 to Oct. 4. We’d be more than happy to drink along at home.


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