Jester King collaborates with Buddha’s Brew kombucha

Austin’s favorite farmhouse brewers, Jester King, announced today that they’ll be doing an exciting collaboration with local kombucha company Buddha’s Brew.

At 4.7% abv, the new beer will be a sour wheat ale blended with Buddha’s Brew kombucha and fermented entirely in oak barrels.

Founded in 2006, Buddha’s Brew is currently very widely available in Austin and distributed to various stores throughout Texas and Louisiana.

Of course, Kombucha is a fermented tea, but its’ alcoholic content is pretty negligible. So, naturally, we love the idea of taking in its’ probiotics and other healthtastic nutrients while getting the flavor and alcohol kick of a great Jester King brew. It’s pretty much a win-win.

From Goose Island’s Fleur, a Belgian pale ale with hibiscus and kombucha, to VanBerg and DeWulf’s aptly titled lambic/ kombucha hybrid Lambrucha, this isn’t the first time a beer has been brewed with kombucha, but Jester King is known for their funky farmhouse yeast brews, so we’re betting the sour and funk of the kombucha will be a pretty natural pairing.

The new beer will be debuted in the Jester King tasting room during the normal Saturday tasting/tour hours (1-4pm) September 15. (Update on the event here).

Read more about how the Jester King/ Buddha’s Brew collaboration came together in this post on Jester King’s site:

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  1. Is there anyone in Texas brewing ale from Kombucha only (no wheat)? There’s a company in Queens, NY that I love called Beyond Kombucha. They have ferment the kombucha up to 7.1% alcohol. It tastes amazing and obviously has the strength of two beers, as well as all of the Kombucha health benefits. Is anyone selling anything similar in Texas? Moving home soon and I’m going to miss this.

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