Untapped Fest brings nation’s top craft brewers, solid indie music lineup to Dallas

There are a lot of great things about outdoor music festivals. They deliver fun in the sun, sweet tunes from your favorite bands, and, with any luck, some delicious, salty, fried food. However, one thing that consistently plagues these large fests is that, let’s face it, the beer selection sucks. I don’t know about you, but being forced to choose between overpriced cans of the Bud/Miller/Coors and Heinekens of the world doesn’t exactly put me in a festive mood.

But never fear Texans, because for one day, all of that is about to change.  On Sept. 8, Texas breweries like 512, Deep Ellum, Jester King, Rahr, Real Ale and Saint Arnold will join some of America’s premier microbreweries, including Dogfish Head, Oscar Blues, Avery and Stone in Dallas for the Untapped Indie Music and Beer Festival.

As if this wide array of exclusive craft beer offerings wasn’t enough to excite attendees, the festival’s impressive music lineup delivers too. Untapped will host indie heavyweights like Givers, The Antlers, Akron/Family and Austin’s own The Eastern Sea.

All in all, the one-day-festival, which is being held at Dallas’ Trinity Groves, will feature performances from 11 bands and offer more than 120 beers from the 50+ breweries present. There will also be food trucks and booths from local Deep Ellum Market artisan vendors on site.

Attendees can choose from three different ticketing options: $20 for a concert ticket and 1pm admission; $30 for a concert and beer tasting ticket (includes 12 2oz samples) and 1pm admission; and $60 for a VIP ticket which includes concert and beer tasting, plus access to rare tappings, in-and-out privileges and 11am admission.

And needn’t you worry serious beer drinkers, you will be able to purchase additional beer tickets on site for $5 each. Each ticket can be redeemed for either a full 12oz pour of a single beer or a card for 12 2oz samples. (However, regular concert ticket holders will only be eligible to purchase full pours, so if you feel like sampling a wide array of beers, we recommend springing for the concert+beer or VIP tickets…Go ahead, treat yo self!)

For more information on Dallas Untapped Indie Music and Beer festival, visit: http://untapped-festival.com. Can’t make it to Dallas? Be sure to check back on Bitch Beer for our complete wrap-up coverage of the fest.


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