Travel Guide: Spend the night at a Costa Rican Microbrewery

It’s summer time, and we’re starting to yearn for a well-deserved vacation.

Enter Volcano Brewing Company and Lakeview Hotel, an all-inclusive 20 room hotel/ microbrewery on Costa Rica’s Lake Arenal.

As if the downright genius idea of actually sleeping at a brewery offering all-you-can-drink Costa Rican microbrews wasn’t already making us pack our bags, the hotel also has a pool with views of the lake, heated jacuzzi, tennis courts, a skate park and a farm-to-table restaurant serving up fresh produce, dairy and all natural meats from a farm onsite.

Volcano’s signature brew is the Witch’s Rock Pale Ale. They also offer a variety of seasonal brews, all solely comprised of the ol’ German Purity Law approved ingredients–malted wheat, hops, yeast, and pure water (of course this water comes from the neighboring rainforest!)

So cash in those frequent flyer miles, empty your savings account and start hocking your homebrew for “donations,” cause it’s time for a vaycay!


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