5 Childhood Games to Play With Beer

Looking for ways to fill those long, lazy weekends of summer while staying refreshed? Look no further because we’ve taken five of our favorite childhood games and put beer in them! You’re welcome, world.

5) Twister

“It’s the game that ties you up in knots!” A classic at sleepovers ’round the world, “Twister” is hard enough to play while sober, depending on how limber you are. But Bitches are never one to back down from a challenge. We’d recommend a canned beer for this, lest someone’s foot slips and knocks your cup or bottle over.

How to play:

Grab 3-4 players, plus your “Twister” mat and spinner. Each time two players have to share a circle, both players drink. The last player standing, or with any beer left, is the winner!

4) Red Light/ Green Light

The most fun you can have with beer and traffic lights. Legally, that is.

How to play:

A driveway typically works best for this game, but any long stretch of ‘scape will do. Have each player line up at one end, with one person acting as the “traffic light.” Each player should have a beer at the opposite end of the playing field. When the traffic light says “green light,” each player has to get as close to their beer as they can. When the traffic light says “red light,” each player has to freeze in place. If the traffic light catches anyone moving, they have the power to send them all the way back to start. The first person to reach their beer wins!

3) Go (Dog)Fish

Much less complicated than “King’s Cup,” this game combines two Bitch Beer favorites: Dogfish Head Beer and a drinking game that doesn’t involve potentially embarrassing self-disclosure.

How to Play: Each player gets five cards and a bottle of your favorite Dogfish Head beer. When a player “goes fishing,” they also have to take a drink.

2) Capture the Beer 

Because who cares if you captured a flag?

How to play:

This game works well in an apartment complex with a park or jogging trail, since you’ll need a lot of space. Divide into two teams, with a case of beer for each team. The object of the game is to protect your case of beer while trying to get the opposing team’s beer. Establish territories for each team with a dividing line. The team that gets both cases of beer on the same side is the winner.

1) Trivial Pursuit

Where did PBR get it’s name? It was the first beer to win a Blue Ribbon at the 1893 Chicago World Fair.

If you knew the answer to that, then try playing with a pint in your hand.

How to play:

Take a drink every time you answer a question incorrectly. It’ll either make you a better player or a worse one, depending on how thirsty you are.


*Sidenote: Keep the fun going! For all of these games, Bitch Beer recommends a beer with a lower ABV, like Shiner Ruby Redbird or Shock Top Lemon Shandy, which also just happen to be in our post about seasonal beers. Coincidence? Probably not.

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