Beer of the Week: Don Jalapeño

Hailing from the great state of Texas, No Label Brewing Co. proclaims, “Labels?… We don’t need no stinkin’ labels.” Along with their southern sentiments they also brew a jalapeño beer that will satisfy any Texan’s palette.

My obsession with spicy beers started a few months ago after trying a special cask of “Mad Beetz” brewed at Black Star Coop for the Austin Beer Guide spring launch party. While that was awesome, it was a special cask and therefore very limited.

This left a hole in my life and thus I began my search for tasty pepper beers. Pepper beers are usually ales that are mixed with a variety of peppers to make them spicy. Spiciness in beer can also come from hops (though it is a different kind of spice) and makes ales a great base for a pepper beer.

Of the one’s I’ve tried Don Jalapeño from No Label has been my favorite beer of the jalapeño variety. It is both hoppy and spicy but the spice hits the back of your throat without hitting you over the head. The Don Jalapeño is based off No Label’s Pale Ale with an added 60lbs of peppers half roasted, half raw, all seed in. This combo makes for a crisp beer with a great pepper flavor. This beer is fun for summer because it’s not too heavy, is still 6% ABV and is refreshing despite it’s jalapeño flavoring.

This beer is a seasonal and so far I have only found it on draft. No Label is served at Whip In, Barley Swine, Lavaca St. Bar, Opal Divine’s, and Whole Foods.

Fun Tip: If you’re like me and want to make your beer even spicier, use the Randall by Dogfish Head to infuse more jalapeño or other peppers for a spicier beer. It’s delicious!

Grab a growler while it’s still on tap and enjoy this awesome Texas seasonal!


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