Bitch Beer Book Report “A History of the World in Six Glasses”

It’s summertime in Texas, and for many that means heading outside for fun and sun. So grab your swimsuit, a good book, your favorite beach beer and hit the sand.

Yeah, that’s right. We read whilst drinking.

First up on our Summer Reading List is Tom Standage’s “History of the World in Six Glasses.”

If you saw our post on How Beer Saved the World, and thought “This is total B.S.,” we come to you with historical proof. Back in the days of early civilization, drinking water was less than sanitary, so ancient brewers quickly discovered that fermented beer was cleaner than water and would keep them from getting sick. (Seems like kind of backwards thinking nowadays, but we’re on board so far.)

Those who brew know that several grains can be used to make beer as long as they contain enough sugar to undergo fermentation. With this knowledge came a whole slew of early microbrews, including beers made from barley, rice, and fruit (think early Blue Moon).

Much like today, beer was the primary drink in cultural ceremonies and gatherings, but it was also used as currency to pay worker’s wages in areas like Mesopotamia and Egypt. So the idea of having a beer right after work goes back much farther than we thought.

For those less interested in ancient history, never fear. After beer, there are five more glasses left: wine, spirits, tea, coffee, and cola. Double reading points if you drink one of each while reading!

Like Oprah, Bitch Beer loves to encourage women (and men!) to read. Let us know if you have a good beer-themed book add we’ll add it to the list. Bitch Beer Book Club, anyone?


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