Austin Urban Beer Hunt

Scavenger hunts: well-known for being a race against time for eternal glory.

Tomorrow, May 26, the Austin Urban Beer Hunt will take this time-honored tradition of public ridiculousness and fuse it with a citywide drinking game.

Here’s how it will go down: Teams of 2-6 will pick a location within the Boundary Map and at noon will begin receiving text messages with clues. The clues will lead teams to locations where there may be tasks or items to collect, take a photo of, etc. Each team will race through the city to reach the finish line. Afterwards, there will be a party at Easy Tiger to celebrate and pass out awards.

Things to know:

  • Admission is $50 per person.
  • Everyone needs to be 21+ (don’t forget your I.D.)
  • You will need a digital camera, phone, and gps device (a smartphone works great as all of these).
  • $5 cash per player for special tasks.
  • You can only use your feet or the bus to traverse the city.
  • The race will last 2-3 hours.
  • It will be about 4-6 miles.

And now the best part: PRIZES!

  • Beer Hunt Champion Team: $500
  • Second Place Team: $100
  • Third Place Team: $50
  • Best Team Costume #1: $50
  • Best Team Costume #2: $50

So put those running shoes on, get yourself a silly costume, and may the strongest livers win!


1 Comment on Austin Urban Beer Hunt

  1. Team: “From Beer To Eternity” we completed the entire hunt, even found the trophy, unfortunately we weren’t the first. We had a bitchen time! I wish we could make the one in San Antonio tomorrow.

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