The Beer Dominating Our Social Media Landscape

The ladies of Bitch Beer know that good beer is definitely something to tweet home about, but what beer has the biggest social media presence? The answer might surprise you.

According to a new CNBC article, Heineken has more than 6.8 million ‘likes’ on Facebook, giving it the largest captive social media audience of any beer on the platform. But it’s not just Facebook–the beer routinely dominates Twitter as well. In fact, Heineken was mentioned on Twitter more than 100,000 times in the month of February alone.

But if Heineken’s intimidatingly large grasp on the world’s social drinkers leaves a bad, let’s just go for it, Heineken-like taste in your mouth, there is still hope.

Small breweries have much more to gain from social media because it circumnavigates that pesky ol’ financial barrier that prevents most craft breweries from pouring heaps of money into more traditional forms of paid advertising.

Yes, there’s a lot to gain from a strong social media presence. For instance, New Belgium co-founder and CEO Kim Jordan told CNBC that the company’s 450,000 Facebook fans have contributed an estimated $50.7 million in yearly sales. All that profit without having to trot out a Clydesdale on Super Bowl Sunday.

To read more about how social media is benefiting craft breweries, check out “Building a Beer Brand, One ‘Like’ at a Time.


There are plenty of social media savvy craft breweries, but who do you think does it best?

1 Comment on The Beer Dominating Our Social Media Landscape

  1. I follow 60-65 Twitter breweries. Abbey St. Martin (French-Belgian) is entertaining and educating without the awful sales hype. No-one else comes close to them.

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