Beach Beers

For all of you locals out there, you’ve probably realized that the Texas heat has descended once again. Unfortunately, Texas does not stay a breezy 75 for long. As the temperature begins to rise many of us will be spending extended time at the beach, by the pool or hanging out on the lake (or river if you prefer). This means it’s time for many of your favorite breweries to be busting out the cans!

If you don’t already know, most water-fun doesn’t allow glass bottles. While this is logical and prevents cut feet at the pool, it is mighty inconvenient for those that like to multitask; aka drink and tan at the same time. In honor of the coming hellish heat that is sure to be here by May, here’s a round up of our favorite “beach beers.”


“White Trash” Beers:

Pabst Blue Ribbon: Brewed in Milwaukee this hipster favorite is a good choice if you want a beer that is easy on your wallet and good for your social status.

Lonestar*: Self-dubbed “The National Beer of Texas” Lonestar is pretty standard as far as canned beer. Good for use as “hydration” in between your darker beers.

Mexican Lagers:

Tecate: Comprable to Lonestar as far as pricing (well you may pay $2 more) this lager is cheaper than Dos but similar in taste and is great for an inexpensive beachside option.

Dos XX: If you can spring for Dos, do it. One of my personal favorites, it is light in taste and refreshing during a long tanning session.


Shocktop: Shocktop is a Belgian white that will cool you off with its orange undertones and light summery taste.

Blue Moon: Blue Moon is similar to Shocktop but has a darker flavor to it. Try it with an orange slice!


Fat Tire: For a hoppier option try this Amber Ale. It’s darker but doesn’t feel like you’ve drank a meal after a long day in the sun.

Pale Dog*: A brand new release from local brewery Hops & Grain, this hoppy Pale Ale is a good answer to your summer sun ale-ments.

Alt-eration*: Darker than its counter part, this Alt Ale from Hops & Grain is both classy and delicious despite the fact that its canned.

Peacemaker*: Hailing from Austin Beerworks, this self proclaimed “gateway beer” is both light and well crafted.

Fire Eagle*: Also from Austin Beerworks, this American IPA is full of flavor and hoppy goodness. With a 6.4% ABV a six pack will be sure to last you (maybe just you) for a day at the beach!


Pearl-Snap*: Kin to both the Peacemaker and Fire Eagle, this Pilsner offers the crisp relief of a cold beer on a 100 degree day. Easy on the bolder flavors, this beer is great for a day in the sun.


Shiner Bock*: Straight out of Shiner Texas, the Bock is a dark lager that rings in both bitter and sweet notes. One of the most popular of Texas’s beers, it is readily available and a solid canned beer choice.

Brooklyn Lager: This Amber lager is a sweeter choice than the Bock but still refreshing on a hot day.


Young’s Double Chocolate Stout: Young’s comes from the UK. This stout has strong chocolate and coffee tones, a delicious option for stout drinkers and light beer drinkers alike.

Guinness: Described to me once as “drinking a meal,” this classic stout is perfect for dark beer drinkers. You may want to alternate between this and Lonestar but it’s sure to satisfy that dark beer itch.

* Texas Beers

Now you’re ready to grab the sunblock, good beer and a koozie and have some fun in the sun!


4 Comments on Beach Beers

  1. This is a great post! Dos is my favorite for summer, though I will be drinking lots of Guinness in Ireland in the next month or so. I’m sure I’ll be ready to get back to Mexican beer come May! I love your blog. It makes me laugh! And it’s so informative!

  2. Thanks so much! Our goal is always to have fun and inspire women beer drinkers. We’re glad you’re enjoying it!

  3. Don’t forget Austin Beerworks!

  4. Whoops! I meant don’t forget Blonde Bombshell.

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