Grand Opening of Adelbert’s Brewery

Yesterday four sixths of team Bitch Beer took a journey up north to the grand opening of the Adelbert’s Brewery, Austin’s first Belgium style brewery. The opening party was held in the parking lot of the brewery where attendees were able to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather, live music, food from The Peached Tortilla and Yume Burger and beer. LOTS of beer.

The brewery had seven different beers for tasting, all creatively named and with different colors, tastes and alcohol contents. Some highlights included The Naked Nun, a 5.8% Wit Ale with a sweet taste that went perfectly with the bright spring day. Another was the Tripel B. With a 9.3 on the ABV scale, this beer ain’t for the weak. Its spice grips your tongue for a wave of flavor but then goes down rather smooth.

You can currently find Adelbert’s around town at bars and liquor stores like Whip In, Twin Liquors, The Volstead Lounge and Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. For more information about Adelbert’s Brewery, go to, and be sure to click through the gallery below to see our beer-filled good time!



2 Comments on Grand Opening of Adelbert’s Brewery

  1. Hello, ladies!

    I was just at the local pizza shop and overheard one of you telling the employees about this blog, so I thought I’d stop by and say hello! I don’t want to give away the city, in case it’s still a secret.

  2. That looks like it was a lot of fun. I hate to show my age, but I recall a tasty little Belgian brewed in Austin years ago by a gent named Pierre Celis. I developed an appreciation for Belgian styles thanks to him.
    I will seek out some Adelbert’s the next time I’m in Austin! Thanks.

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