Beginner Beers


An updated guide to kickstarting your beer drinkin’ days  is available here

So you think you hate beer. While that may actually be true, how do you know if you haven’t put some effort into it?

As resident beer-snob and red wine aficionado, I denounced and refused beer for 21 & 1/2 years of my life. At first all beer seemed disgusting compared to my refined palette of Smirinoff Ice and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. That’s right ladies, I was a true bitch-beer drinker! I once played beer pong with green apple Smirinoff Ice, not my proudest moment. But I’m happy to inform you that there’s hope! Follow these three steps to help you enter the world of beer!

1. Start with cider

My first experience with a brewed beverage was a little beauty named Woodchuck Hard Cider. If you want to break the Ice, start with something like Woodchuck or another hard cider. The beautiful thing about cider is that it does taste just a little like beer. Because of the way it is brewed, it is more like a beer and less like a bitch beer and will begin to get your palette used to a more bitter flavor. (Note: after you become a true beer drinker, cider tastes like alcoholic juice)

2. Move on to light beers

When I say light beers I don’t mean light in calories, I mean light in color. In many cases, the lighter the beer, the lighter the taste (at least in my experience). Starting with something light like a Mexican lager or a wheat beer will ease you into the beer world. Dos XX was one of the first beers I actually truly enjoyed drinking and from there I moved on to wheat beers like Live Oak Hefeweizen and Blue Moon. My first few months as a beer drinker I would walk up to the bar or ask my waiter what wheat beers they had available. The bartender or waiter should know what they have available. I’ve found that if you fess up to being a new beer drinker people are more than happy to point you in a good direction.

3. Experiment

After you become more comfortable with drinking and ordering beer begin to branch out and find what you really like. You may find that you really like stouts or that, like me you only like lighter beers. To this day the only dark beer I drink on a regular basis is Shiner Bock. Even with my beer snobbery, I have found many beers that I originally thought I would hate. Ask your friends, bartenders and colleagues what they drink and begin to expand your beer repertoire. Go to beer themed events like brewery tours/tastings or a pint-night at your local bar. If you want to track your journey to beer greatness download an app like Brewski Me. It’s free and you can share beers with friends and track your favorites.

Good luck and happy drinking!


3 Comments on Beginner Beers

  1. I love your articles on beer. It is great to see your courage to change from the mega- mass produce beer and refine your tastes. I myself is a writer and lover of beer. Check my blog

  2. That was basically my progression, too! But now I love me some stouts. I love this blog!

  3. Never tried cider, went straight for the Dos XX and Shiner. Will be having some cider this weekend then.

    Also can we have a Bitch Beer meet up at that beer stock exchange place?

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